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Makevending is a company with over 10 years experience as a coffee and cold drinks automatic machines operator.

Market demand has made us to adapt and perform and today we can offer the best solutions the clients need.

We have the best vending and table top coffee machines, adapted to any location, consumption or demands. We work with the best products (prolait, satro, ics, switchmorn, tchibo) in vending industry to provide a finished product distinguished by quality and served in a special way.

Makevending offers to its clients the alternative of choosing the brand of coffee they want to consume and how they want to be served. Coffee brands provided are SwitchMORN and Tchibo.

Along with equipment and quality products, makevending comes with 24/24 supply and technical services, making the services provided permanently operational.

If you need the coffee service in an office, shop, service, for a presentation or event, in an institution, fitness club, cafe, etc, once contacted, our agent will provide the solution that suits you best depending on your needs.

Presentation might be in your office or in ours, where you have the opportunity to taste our products.

Makevending provides the VENDING service represented by coffee machines offering the products (coffee cup) without your involvement in this process and TABLE TOP service in which supply and serving is done by you. Along with these two services we came to meet the needs of companies, firms, schools and kindergartens with the pure water service, filling the user’s need concerning coffee and water services.

Working with Makevending, you outsource the care of the two services, acquiring thus an ongoing interest from our part with regards to coffee and water in your company. Therefore, with us, you will have firm, accurate and explicit costs. Always when something new appears in terms of coffee or water equipment, you will have the best solutions and equipment to enjoy and make your life easier.

Choose the service that suits you best or ask for the advice of our specialists.

Makevending arguments:
Return: we offer the machines free of charge during use (in custody) thus eliminating the costs with acquisition, maintenance and supply.
Versatility: machines are easy to use, with perfect dimensions for any location, fitting perfectly into your decor.
Cost: costs are calculated per serving, partially/totally subsidized by your company or paid by the consumer. Water service is in the form of a monthly subscription and costs are firm. Therefore you remove the concern with storage, orders, handling the recipients, unexplained bills still having your time for other activities.